Greeneville Orthopaedic Clinic Greeneville, TN

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A traditional symbol of orthopaedics is the bent tree that has been braced to make it grow straight.

Why we call it "orthopaedics"

Since orthopaedics' beginnings, its specialists have treated children suffering from spine and limb deformities. The Greek roots of the word "orthopaedics" are ortho (straight) and pais (child). Early orthopaedists often used braces or other forms of treatment to make the child "straight."

Dr. Walter C. Chapman- deceased (1938 – 2008) established Greeneville Orthopaedic Clinic in 1974 and was the first board-certified orthopaedic surgeon to establish a practice in Greeneville. Greeneville Orthopaedic Clinic is the longest standing orthopaedic practice in Greeneville. Dr. Chapman left his mark in the community and region both in connection with his surgical practice and his strong interest and involvement with the area schools sports medicine programs. As a volunteer, he served as Greeneville High School team doctor for some three decades and was instrumental in the formation of the Greene County Sports Medicine Association, an organization that has worked to place athletic trainers in the county high schools. Because of his long-standing involvement with student athletes, Dr. Chapman was honored as the “Sports Medicine Person of the Year” by the Tennessee Athletic Trainers’ Association (TATS) in 2001. In May 2005, Dr. Chapman was honored as a “Friend of Education” for his support of the Greeneville High School athletic department over the years.

Dr. Richard Pectol and Dr. John Freeman currently retain the practice and continue their support in the area sports medicine program. The practice will be celebrating 40 years of service in July 2014.